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Just in Daredevil Comics #1
CGC 9.2 $9,000.
I just purchased two new collections. Some highlights:
  Superman #1 FA, tape, Color touch, trimmed $16,000
  Special Edition #1 VG, moderate restoration $1,400.
There are also many new Gold and Silver age comics not listed in the catalog.
Thinking of selling off part or all of your collection? I have been paying premium prices for books & collections for many years now. Some people think that because I offer discounts then I must pay low. This is not true, because I work on high turn over and a low profit margin.  My buying partner Dave Reynolds and I have spent over $300,000 on new stock last year alone. We want your collections so make sure to let us bid. Selling? call 1-800-938-0325!
Some percentages of guide we pay for superhero pre-1975

Timely: 70-200%

Atlas: 50 -250%

Coverless golden age comics: 5 -100% of good

Pulps: 20-100%

Incomplete golden age comics: 5-70% of good

Magazines: 20-80%

Harvey: 45-200%

DC golden age: 40-80%

MLJ: 60-200%

Silver Age: 25-100%

Funny animals: 20-60%

Westerns: 30- 60%

Crime comics: 40-150%

War comics: 35-150%

Romance/teen 35-100%

Bronze Age: 20-100%

Golden Age other: 50%-500%

Atomic Age:  50%-200%